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What is Look For in Pointe Shoes

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Pointe Shoes

When purchasing pointe shoes, you need to look for certain features that make them a good choice for you. These features include leather, size, and scraped soles. Leather pointe shoes are usually the best option for a beginner. They are also better for comfort than a cheaper brand.

Elastic helps keep the heels of the pointe shoe on

When you are trying to keep the heel of a pointe shoe on, you will need to use elastic. You can use either elastic or ribbon for this purpose. You should place one corner of the elastic over the lining of the pointe shoe, and the other corner of the elastic should be near the back seam of the shoe. Once you have positioned the elastic, you can sew the other end of the elastic to the inside of the shoe.

Elastic helps keep the heel of a pointe shoe on by providing extra support. Elastic can be purchased at local dancerwear stores. Make sure you get the correct size and type of elastic. You don’t want it to be too narrow, as this can cut off circulation and make the shoe uncomfortable.


Pointe shoes are traditionally made of leather. This material is very durable and can withstand a lot of abuse. It also keeps the feet warm. Some types of pointe shoes are made of synthetic material, such as microfiber. But, it is important to remember that leather is still the preferred material for pointe shoes.

Before the leather is used to make pointe shoes, it goes through a chemical process known as tanning. This process helps convert the proteins in the raw hide to a suitable material. It works by lowering the pH level of the raw hide to an acidic value. Then, the material is slowly raised out of the tanning liquor until it reaches a balance between 3.8 and 4.2.

The sole of pointe shoes is made of leather. It is attached to the shoes with adhesive. After that, the leather is stitched along its edges, overlapping the unfinished edges of the exterior fabric. In some pointe shoes, the leather sole is scraped or buffed, which gives it superior traction.

Scraped soles

The sole of a pointe shoe is constructed from a piece of leather that’s adhered to the bottom of the shoe using adhesive. The sole is often reinforced with stitching along its edge, so it’s more durable than a regular shoe. Some pointe shoes are made with scraped soles for enhanced traction. Others have buffed soles, which are softer and have less grip.

Pointe shoes can also be scored to reduce the slipping feel of the sole. Using a box cutter, cheese grater, or fork, you can create small grooves on the leather sole to help you grip the floor better. You can also score the platform of a pointe shoe by cutting a small piece of the satin platform. The canvas beneath the platform can then be more visible.


The first step to purchasing pointe shoes is to know the proper size. Make sure to measure your feet and consult a professional who is trained in ballet shoes to get the correct fit. The size of your pointe shoes should be smaller than your normal shoe size. It is also helpful to know how to properly care for your pointe shoes.

A pointe shoe’s width is measured from the heel to the toe and is usually measured in centimeters. It is important to have the correct fit when choosing pointe shoes, as the shoes will break in over time. It is best to wear a pair of pointe shoes that are snug but not too tight.


Pointe shoes come with a hefty price tag. There are several factors to consider, including the time spent training, the use of resistance bands, stitching, and blood loss from blisters and bruising. The high cost of pointe shoes is also a reflection of the time and money required to create them.

Prices for pointe shoes vary greatly, depending on brand and model. While most pointe shoes start at $75, higher-end brands like Freed of London and Grishko can cost upwards of $125 a pair. The cost of pointe shoes for a male ballet dancer starts at about $60 per pair.

Although pointe shoes are subsidized for professional dancers, they are not provided to students. Additionally, If you have high arches, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for uncomfortable shoes. Plenty of cute shoes with arch support provide you with all the support you need. Be sure to choose a pair of shoes that fit your foot shape.custom toe shoes are almost never worn by students. Custom shoes can take up to a year to produce. Therefore, most students wear stock shoes. These are slightly cheaper than a custom pair, and can be used as a spare pair.

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